What is Soarnol?

Mitsubishi Chemical contribute people’s safety and convenient life by high performance resin Soarnol™Mitsubishi Chemical contribute people’s safety and convenient life by high performance resin Soarnol™

What is Soarnol™?

Soarnol™ is an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer developed by Mitsubishi Chemical’s own technology.
It has high gas barrier properties, oil resistance and high transparency derived from vinyl alcohol structure
as well as moisture resistance and extrudablity comes from ethylene unit.
Additionally, Soarnol is consist of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen so no harmful gases is generated
when incineration and its combustion heat is a half of polyethylene.

(CH2 CH2)m-(CH2-CH-OH)n-O:C O:H O:O


After a success of the first pilot trial in 1971, Soarnol™ business is growing with improvement of its properties. Its high quality based on long history is supported by many customers in the world for a lot of applications and now becomes a product which has production and marketing site worldwide. Soarnol™, as high performance material, will continue its development to make people’s life comfortable.

Superior technical support

Mitsubishi Chemical established high performance technical support team for customers. Such teams are located in US, Germany, China and Singapore with highly skilled staff and analytical equipment to provide in-time solution. Furthermore, as a base of technical support, Processing-technique development center in Okayama, Japan, is equipped with many instilments and pilot lines to support customers development all over the world.


R&D to meet requirement

Soarnol™ becomes high performance resin used in many applications and industries grew up by introducing grades having unique properties.
Mitsubishi Chemical is continuing development which meets market needs