Application of SoarnoL

Personal cares

Soarnol™ is used for tubes for toothpaste and outer package of toilet rolls. A gas barrier property of Soarnol™ prevent oxidation of “oils” contains in cosmetics and flavor barrier property keeps aromas of content inside of the package. Additionally, Soarnol™ has good luster and is used as outermost layer for cosmetic package which require nice characterization. Thanks to these properties, Soarnol™ are accepted as a packaging material for personal cares application and its demand is drastically increasing.

  • Tubes for cosmetic and toothpasteTubes for cosmetic and toothpaste
  • Outer packaging for toilet rollsOuter packaging for toilet rolls
Application, packaging style Structure example (Outer / Inner)
Outer package of
toilet rolls
PE / tie / Soarnol™ / tie / PE
Cosmetic bottle PP/ tie / Soarnol™ / tie / PP
Soarnol™ / tie / PP
Cosmetic tube PE / tie / Soarnol™ / tie / PE
Soarnol™ / tie / PE
Tube for toothpaste PE / PE / tie / Soarnol™ / tie / PE / PE

Features of Soarnol™