plication of SoarnoL

Industrial use


In the past, metal pipes were commonly used for underground heating but they are substituted plastic pipes which are easily handled. However polybutene(PB) and crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) monolayer pipes which are normally used permeate oxygen and this leads corruption of metal parts in pumps and boilers.
To solve this problem, Soarnol™ pipe grades which has oxygen barrier property and durability are used in multilayer structure with PB or PEX. Soarnol™ pipe grades comply with German standard DIN4726 and keep mechanical properties even after long-lasting time with hot water. Soarnol™ pipe grades are specialty grades which keeps gas barrier property longer under high temperature condition. They helps comfortable life from underground.

Underground heating pipeUnderground heating pipe
DIN4726 requirement Soarnol™*1 Cross-linked polyethylene Polypropylene Polybutene
Oxygen transmission rate[mg/l day] Less than 0.1 0.03 3.2 6.5 6.5
Oxygen transmission rate [mg/l day]
DIN4726 requirement Less than 0.1
Soarnol™*1 0.03
Cross-linked polyethylene 3.2
Polypropylene 6.5
Polybutene 6.5

*1 29, 32 and 44 mol% Soarnol™ grades are already used for this application

Application, packaging style Structure example (Outer / Inner)
Underground heating pipe Soarnol™ / tie / PEX
PEX / tie / Soarnol™ / tie / PEX
PB / tie / Soarnol™ / tie / PB

Features of Soarnol™

  • ・Gas barrier property : prevent corruption of metal parts for underground heating system
  • ・Durability : Keeps mechanical properties after long period under high temperature condition (hot water)

Recommended grades

Pipe Grade Hseries D2908H DC3212H A4412H