plication of SoarnoL

Automotive parts

Due to demands for light weight, anti- corrosion and flexibility of shape, plastic fuel tank is nowadays common in US and Europe.
On the other hands, restrictions for hydro carbon emission are getting more strict because global warming situation becomes worse. In this situation, Soarnol™ is fundamental material for automotive parts thanks to its barrier property against VOC (volatile organic compound).

Plastic fuel tank

As a main material for a plastic fuel tank, high density polyethylene (HDPE) is used but it cannot reduce fuel emission by itself. By using Soarnol™ which has high fuel barrier property, the problem is solved.

Plastic fuel tankPlastic fuel tank
Application, packaging style Structure example (Outer / Inner)
Plastic fuel tank HDPE / Reg / tie / Soarnol™ / tie / HDPE

Fuel filler pipe

Due to strict restriction about fuel emission to the atmosphere, Soarnol™ is used not only from the fuel tank but also pipe between refueling port and tank or tank and engine to reduce more emission. Such a plastic fuel filler pipe gives more benefits, light weight, cheaper and flexible in shape.

Fuel filler pipeFuel filler pipe
Application, packaging style Structure example (Outer / Inner)
Fuel filler pipe PA / Soranol™ / PA

Features of Soarnol™

Recommended grades