Applications of SoarnoL

Agricultural field

Fumigation film

Poor growth of crops due to continual produce the same crop in the field is called continuous cropping disorder. One way to avoid this crop failure is to disinfect and kill insects and pests by applying a soil fumigant. Since fumigants are highly volatile, they can be prevented from coming out of the soil by film covering, but polyethylene films may not be sufficient.
If Soarnol™ which has high gas barrier property is used this covering, vaporization of fumigants almost doesn’t happen and expect higher effect, less smell, reduction of dosage and increasing yield.

Fumigation film

Fumigation film

Evaporation data of chloropicrinEvaporation data of chloropicrin
Application, packaging style Structure example (Outer / Inner)
Fumigation film PE / tie / Soarnol™ / tie / PE

Features of Soarnol™

  • ・Increasing of yield by reducing evaporation of fumigant
  • ・Reduce dosage of fumigant
  • ・Protect environment and worker’s health

Recommended grades

Agricultural field

  • Grain bagGrain bag

    Grain bag

    By using Soarnol™ for grain bags, it is possible to kill bags and reduce growing of molds.

  • Silage film

    Silage film

    Silage film with Soarnol™ prevents growth of molds.

  • Agrochemical bottleAgrochemical bottle

    Agrochemical bottle

    By using Soarnol™ as innermost layer of agrochemical bottle, reduce migration of chemicals to bottles and prevent deterioration of mechanical strength.