Applications of SoarnoL

Engineering plastic


Mitsubishi Chemical is supplying Soarlite™* which is ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) with grass fiber for injection molding application.
Soarlite™ is reinforced by grass fiber to improve mechanical strength (especially stiffness) and has adjusted viscosity for injection molding. Thanks to these properties, Soarlite™ is used to substitute metal parts to plastic. Additionally, Soarlite™ han anti-statics property due to hydrophilicity so it is used for Timing pulley which generates static electricity.

  • Soarlite™
  • Soarlite™

*1 Soarlite™ is a tradename of Mitsubishi Chemical and EVOH resin as same as Soarnol™.

Application example

  • ・Tape reel (IT parts)
  • ・Timing pulley
  • ・Bobbin guide (spinning)
  • ・Substitution for metal (printing parts)
  • ・Plastic nails etc.

Features of Soarnol™