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What is Soarnol

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Since ancient times, people have devised various techniques to preserve the natural freshness and flavor of foods. "Wrapping" is one of those techniques. In ancient Japan, bamboo leaves and bark were commonly used to wrap foods. The invention of canning and bottling in the West in the mid-19th century was a revolutionary development that significantly prolonged the length of time that food could be preserved.

Today, "Soarnol™" represents yet another revolution in preserving food flavor and freshness, offering innovative food-packaging technology that shuts out oxygen to spoilage while maintaining the fragrance and flavor of the food. "Soarnol™" also has excellent transparency, helping to ensure that the food is beautifully presented.

"Soarnol™" exhibits excellent barrier properties not only for oxygen but for a variety of other gases. It also has excellent chemical and oil resistance that enable it to be used for a wide variety of other non-food applications, such as the plastic fuel tanks for automobiles that have come to be used in recent years. Since "Soarnol™" is composed primarily of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, it emits no toxic gases when burned, which has attracted a great deal of attention as an environmental safe material.

Nippon Gohsei conducts research ceaselessly in an effort to explore the potential of "Soarnol™" in order to meet additional customer needs and provide the seeds for your future growth.

What is "Soarnol™"

"Soarnol™" is the trade name of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), developed by Nippon Gohsei through years of research.
"Soarnol™" combines the gas barrier properties, oil resistance, and transparency of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) with the water resistance, extrudability, and other properties of ethylene components.

Composed primarily of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, "Soarnol™" emits no toxic gases when burned. Furthermore, its combustion heat is only half that of polyethylene, causing little harm to the environment.

Molecular Structure of "Soarnol™"

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