Thermoform grades BX series

Soarnol™ BX series are grade having improved thermoformability as well as high gas barrier property.
Soarnol™ BX series are suitable for applications with thermoforming (films, cups and trays).

Thermoforming grades BX series


Cups and trays for jelly, ready meal, steamed rice, sweets, baby food, soya bean paste, yogurt and chilled drink

  • Jelly cup require high transparencyJelly cup require high transparency
  • Chilled drink cupChilled drink cup
  • Pet food trayPet food tray

Recommended grades

Properties Units BX6804B
ethylene content mol% 29
MFR1) g/10min. 3.8
melting temperature2) 188
crystallization temperature2) 163
oxygen transmission rate3) cc.20μm/ 0.4
notes thermoforming grade
  • 1)210℃,2,160gf
  • 2)DSC method(10℃/min)
  • 3)20℃×65%RH

*above values are representative, not guaranteed

Other thermoforming grades are
also available.
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