High transparency and orientability grades G-Soarnol™

G-Soarnol™ is a special EVOH developed by Mitsubishi Chemical’s original technique which has controlled crystallinity and melting temperature.
G-Soarnol™ is a new type of EVOH s\which has both very good gas barrier property and thermoformability, orientability and transparency.
G-Soarnol™ is suitable for orientation and shrink film application and barrier packaging requiring high transparency.

Orientability with PP / G-Soarnol™ multilayer structure

Evaluate film appearance after orientation test by using G-Soarnol™ GH3804B and 44mol% EVOH.
G-Soarnol™ showed superior orientability to 44mol% EVOH which has better orientability in EVOH and kept good appearance.

Orientation ratio : 7x7
Film structure :PP / tie / EVOH / tie / PP

  • SoarnoL44mol%EVOH
  • SoarnoLG-Soarnol™

Evaluation result in PP co-injection molding

Compare bottle appearance between 32mol% EVOH and G-Soarnol™ which is made by using Injection stretch blow molding (ISBM).
Since high orientability is required, processing with 32mol% EVOH is difficult but G-Soarnol™ makes it possible.

― Processing method : cold parison method

  • Bottle structure PP/32mol%EVOH/PP
    Bottle structure
  • Bottle structure PP/G-SoarnoLTM/PP
    Bottle structure
Processing flow
Processing flow


Highly oriented film, shrink film (bag), skin pack and deeply formed transparent cup

  • Applicationshrink film
  • ApplicationJelly cup with high transparency

Recommended grades

Properties Units GC
ethylene content mol% 33 38
MFR1) g/10min 4 4
melting temperature2) 170 160
crystallization temperature2) 142 132
ガラス転移温度2) 58 55
oxygen transmission rate3) cc.20μm/ 0.4 0.8
notes G-Soarnol™
  • 1)210℃,2,160gf
  • 2)DSC method(10℃/min)
  • 3)20℃×65%RH

*above values are representative, not guaranteed

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