Gas Barrier Simulation

In this page, you can try to use “Oxygen transmission rate simulation soft (GTR Simulator Lite)” by Mitsubishi Chemical after registration

What is “Oxygen transmission rate simulation soft (GTR Simulator Lite)” ?

One key element to design a package is a “shelf life” = “period of best before day”. It is necessary to optimize the package shape, material and structure but it takes huge time to achieve this by trial and error method. “Oxygen transmission rate simulator software (GTR simulator lite)” is limited function version of “Oxygen transmission rate simulator software (GTR simulator) and developed by Mitsubishi Chemical which can simulate “Oxygen transmission rate” that is necessary to design a multilayered package with high gas barrier function. Material for each structure, thickness can be set as you wish and humidity condition of inside and outside is also adjustable on your demand. Once you register, you can use this simulation software freely. If you would like to simulate more complex structure, package or conditions, please contact us.Before start using, please read and agree below notices.