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"Soarnol™" has a wide range of applications that include food packaging films, bottles, and tubes to preserve the flavor and freshness of food products, and construction materials, plastic fuel tanks, and other non-food products.

Applications for "Soarnol™" will continue to be developed to make people's lives richer in a variety of settings.

Ensuring high performance and quality
Blow molded bottles
Excellent processability and excellent organoleptic properties
Extruded tubes
Ensuring product quality
Cups & trays
Excellent performance and a wide variety of products to meet customer needs
Retort pouches
Reduce whitening from boiling or retort treatment. "Soarnol™" advances to the next stage
Pipes placed below the floor are the secret to comfort
Extrusion coatings
Preserving the flavor of fresh-squeezed juices
In search of further possibilities for beer
Plastic fuel tanks
Plastic fuel tanks that reduce environmental burden
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